Impersonating Accounts

I can’t believe I even have to post this..
As anyone who knew Kirby might find their way here for updates, or stories, for any last grasp of what we had with him…
I find myself looking on Google, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, looking for most recent posts to see who is still thinking of Kirby, and what they had to say. Searching his name and the hashtags hurts beyond words. I shouldn’t have to. I won’t get a text, call, email, hug, kiss… nothing from him, ever again. He is gone. I can never have him back. I wish that he was still here. It’s selfish… he was in pain, and he’s not in pain anymore.
I’m not the only one grieving. Kirby passed away 8 days after his father which means that Kirby’s mother lost her husband then son, Kirby’s brother lost his father then brother, Kirby’s niece lost her grandfather then uncle. Kirby’s friends lost their friend who was also family. I was the lady in Kirby’s life. If it seems like I’m minimizing our relationship, it’s only because it’s not about me right now. To say that I’m shattered is an understatement.
So all of this to say, some opportunists will exploit those of us still trying to hang on to anything -ANYTHING we can.
There was a ton of people on Twitter who changed their Display Names to “Kirby Morrow” and only some of them included some form of commiseration. I already found one account on TikTok that used Kirby’s name and face and a handle that looked like Kirby’s real accounts. I told the person that it’s not right to be impersonating him and they said they created the account “as a tribute.” I argued that there was no proof of that and suggested that they perhaps use the “parked” username in a constructive way, to promote the Kirby Morrow Memorial Scholarship GoFundMe. The account was deleted after I said I was Kirby’s girlfriend.
Accounts that impersonate other people, living or dead, are abhorrent. Shame on those who will try to get likes or followers.
Kirby’s only real social accounts are:
Instagram (Previously realkirbymorrow which was parked by a fan after the official IG was renamed to kirbymorrow_rip)
Gmail (no, I’m not linking to it). He technically had a YouTube account but the only video he had uploaded was his demo which we just uploaded here instead. A Legacy Gmail and YouTube account were created by me (Carly).
Kirby Morrow Memorial Scholarship GoFundMe (Created by Kirby’s brother, Casey)
The accounts are maintained by Kirby’s brother and I am maintaining his website and using a gmail account that I created for the site. You have no idea how much it hurts to even have done it. I wish that all of this was unnecessary and that Kirby was still here with us.
If you understood my pain, you might understand my anger for those accounts posing as Kirby.
Be careful when calling out impersonators, and please don’t support them by giving them undeserved likes and follows.
Let’s protect Kirby’s legacy by being good to him and his memory.