We Will Never Forget You

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When I met Kirby (and not as a 20-year old this time), I waited my turn to talk to him.  I didn’t want to buy an autograph because I didn’t want more “stuff.”  I asked for a hug and called him “handsome” a LOT!  After a few minutes of me telling a story of when I first got to meet him– I was an obnoxious little fangirl, I started to take my leave and he asked “What’s that ring on your finger?  Are you taken?” I replied “It’s just a placeholder…” I was absolutely taken… with him. He was beyond good to me for the 18 months that we’d been in each others’ lives. Everyone talks about how nice he was at conventions. Well, he was just as good to those close to him. He liked everyone and they loved him for it. –Carly Bear

..I was rewatching the famous show „Ninjago“ in the English Dub and Mr. Morrow‘s Voice for Cole was really fitting, so that I immediately fell in love with this Character. Being more engaged to the Community as a whole, I watched some behind the Scenes in making the voiceover for Ninjago. Mr. Morrow was really sweet and he gave Cole his adorable, yet serious personality. The beloved Lego show has influenced my Childhood and early Teenage years, making the news of Mr. Morrow‘s passing even more shocking. I learned the news just today and wanted to leave a message as commemoration.
I also wanted to say my thanks to Mr. Morrow‘s hard work, he will always be in our memories.
May your soul rest in peace Mr. Morrow. You will be missed but never forgotten.–Alice

To be honest? I never had the pleasure of meeting Kirby.
He touched my life through his extraordinary work and I thank him for lending his talent to so many of the characters that I grew up with. May he Rest In Peace.–Michelle

when I went to a Lego convention which was the day I got my first Ninjago set. I saw him and he said hi to me and he told me he was an actor for a lego show called Ninjago, at the time and to this day lego is my favorite thing ever. I like it better than video games. for the past years Ninjago is my favorite theme of lego and cole, was always my favorite ninja and hero. I even had a group of my friends called the league of cole (before the league of jays existed) as of the recent events of his passing we made a humungous statue of cole (a huge version of his charecter made with lego) which I would like to send below, R.I.P Kirby we will miss you.–Graham

i never met him personally but i grew up listening to him on anime shows like inuyasha,gundam and other shows if i remember.may he rest in peace.–Timothy

I never met him personally, it was one of my dreams to meet Kirby someday, now it’s won’t happened, I was hoping to buy his autograph from his own website. I grew up listening to him on his anime shows like InuYasha, Hamtaro, Ranma ½, Death Note and now Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (his final anime). Inuyasha is my first anime when I was 11 years old back to October 2007 during my second surgery for deaf (hard of hearing), it’s help me get through my surgery and inspires me to become Kirby’s anime fan and enjoys his anime works that he works so hard.  Inuyasha is best anime that Kirby ever done for me and every fans who enjoyed to watch Inuyasha, The Final Act and Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. I’m very thankful that Kirby voices best and funny monk Miroku and return as Miroku again for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. Nobody is better than him, no one will ever take his place as Miroku and once Miroku, always Miroku, I’ll will keep rewatched Inuyasha every year in honor for Kirby, nobody will never forget him and his voice sound and to Kirby forever.–Caitlin

I never met Kirby in person. But I will always appreciate his work as Cole from Ninjago. Never meeting him will be the biggest regret of my life. I’m happy that there will be a school in his honor. Maybe one day, I can go there and make him proud with my talent for voice acting (even though I’m just starting out). I will miss him and his voice.–Luke

I never knew Kirby, but I always admired him. He was an amazing man who was polite and nice to his friends. Even if I never met him, I can share that his voice work did help me go through some tough times in my life. His voice in Day of the Departed inspired me to become a voice actor, and I hope to live up to his expectations.–Jay

I didn’t get to meet Kirby in real life but man do I wish I could of when I heard about his passing I was devastated and very sad/upset I loved watching him in different shows and movies my top favorite is Ninjago playing as Cole the Black Ninja: Master of 🌎 Earth I wish he was still here but I’m glad he is in a better place no longer in pain or suffering he is a inspiration to all and I love/care & miss him very much 😇💙🖤💝–Amber

I’m sad he died he did good voicing Cole from Ninjago his death so saddening I started crying–Nicole

I had the privilege of getting to meet Kirby so many times, he was a true legend in his field of anime, cartoon, and live-action films and he really was one of the first actors to really inspire me to reach for my goals. Every time I have met him he was just a bundle and ray of sunshine that could brighten any day, and even with him gone, he’s still shining down and getting rid of those dark days.
Going to miss seeing him at conventions and getting to talk about the latest shows/movies he’s been doing.–Austin

I never got the chance to meet Kirby, and I never experienced most of his work. However, my childhood was filled with Ninjago, and I would always be thrilled whenever I saw Cole in the new episodes. He was so filled with spirit and I couldn’t feel that with any of the other characters. Kirby’s passing felt like something from my childhood was now gone, and I’m still sad about it even after all this time.
I recently went back to the series as a whole, and I felt happy to experience something from when I was younger, but also sad knowing someone who made up that experience will never know how much I loved his work. I’ll never forget the memories Kirby provided in my childhood, and I offer my condolences to his family. Rest in Peace, Kirby.–Andrew

When I was a preteen who just moved to Calgary from Vancouver, that’s when my anime phase began.
‘Inuyasha’ was a show that was about accepting yourself. Overcoming your pain and pushing through it. Kirby Morrow’s character wasn’t the main character, and his antics were a laugh, though ‘Miroku’ had his own troubles as well.
‘Inuyasha’ got me through the bullying I endured throughout elementary school and high school. Aside from the personal lessons it taught me, it also got my writing chops in comedy and adventure/fantasy writing.
I have met Kirby in 2013 at Otafest in Calgary. As I took a photo with him and Michael Daingerfield, he placed his fingers around my shoulder area, and went “a pulse…! I feel a pulse…!”
As an anime fan I am glad to meet him. I have also met Scott McNeil and Richard Ian Cox.
I have made the 180 degree life change and decided to become an actor.
My family didn’t like that at all.
I graduated from Vancouver Acting School – SchoolCreative in 2015. A few months later, Kirby was teaching there, and I cursed the situation at the time. I was in a different city at the time. If only there was a way to get back to Vancouver and be a student of his. Not just an anime fan. To be taught by my childhood hero and get passed the knowledge and skill as an actor would be amazing.
Alas, it didn’t happen.
He was taken too soon, and will always have a place in everyone’s hearts and minds.–Lea

I remember his voice of Cole from Ninjago I feel sorry he just died I remember him voicing Cole–Nicole

I never personally knew him but I wish I would have gotten the chance to meet him. Through the shows and movies he voiced it felt as if I truly knew him and it felt as if he were family. I still am saddened to this day and am saddened that I never got the chance to meet him.–Yianni

I unfortunately didn’t have the chance to meet Kirby before his passing. I wish I could have had the opportunity to thank him for his work as Miroku on InuYasha and many other anime series. InuYasha is a series that has helped me through countless hard times in my life, as far back as 7 years old. The series wouldn’t have been the same without Kirby giving Miroku his voice. I will forever be thankful for being able to hear Kirby as Miroku one final time in episode 1 of Yashahime. He passed away weeks after recording this episode. It was the first time in nearly a decade that he was able to voice Miroku after InuYasha The Final Act completed recording in 2010.
Genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving our Miroku his voice and spreading joy with your life’s work, Kirby. I may have never had the chance to meet you in person but you continue to live on in my heart. Thank you truly and may you Rest in Peace.–Rei